Top 5 Squishiest Squishies


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 Most squishies are really soft and cute, but some are extra squishy! Here is our small list with the squishiest squishies you can find on

1. Jumbo Panda Squishies

Jumbo Panda Bun Squishy

Undoubtedly the most popular extra soft squishy is the jumbo panda one. It’s more than 10 cm long, smells awesome and comes in 3 different models. It’s also on a discount – only $3.25 per piece!

2. Small Panda Bun

Small Panda Bun Squishy

Next comes the Jumbo Panda’s little sibling – the small panda! It’s a tiny squishy that can be used as a phone charm or tied on a key chain. Available in 3 different models on a really special price – $1.20 per piece.

3. Jumbo Marshmallow Buns

These really popular squishies aren’t manufactured anymore. They were one of the most popular squishies on the market and definitely deserved that popularity! With the awesome scent and ultra soft materials, the marshmallow buns were one of a kind.

 4. Breadou Donuts

Breadou Donut Squishy

With love from Chef Breadou – the soft breadou donuts. In their original packaging, they come in 6 different designs and are guaranteed to make you smile. Price is $7.25 per piece.

5. Jumbo Turtle Squishy

Jumbo Turtle Squishy

All turtles are cute, but combining a turtle with a squishies is a recipe for success! Jumbo turtle squishies are 14 cm long, really soft and make a fine toy. Price is $4.35 per piece.

Well, that’s our short list. You can visit the product pages for more info and pictures and please leave us a comment. Tell us what you think of these squishies 🙂




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Kogepan is a cute Japanese character produced by the company San-x, who is a burnt bread bun and lives in a famous Japanese bakery, where he tries to make friendship with the other bread characters. The bakery is well-known for its delicious bean breads, as only 20 of them are made each day! There are also some other characters, similar to Kogepan, who live in the bakery as well: Ichigopan, who is a strawberry bread, Kireipan-the beautiful bread, Kurrimupan-a cream bread and Sumipan, who is more burnt bread than Kogepan himself!

Image of Kogepan

The story says that Kogepan was burnt while he was being baked. After that, nobody wanted to buy him, as he wasn’t beautiful as the other breads. Kogepan felt lonely and because of his sadness his eyes turned white. Nevertheless, he continued to live in the bakery and tried to become a better and delicious bean bread like the others! But he is always jealous of those breads, who never burnt and lived a happy life until they were purchased by a client.

Image of Kogepan Characters

Kogepan characters can be found in different books, stationery, anime and toys.

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Where to buy Japanese squishies in Europe?


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Squishies are now really popular in USA , Canada, Singapore etc. But there are so many kawaii lovers in Europe who are collecting squishies. We are so happy to see that squishies are becoming more and more popular in Europe!

If you are from Europe and you are looking for a good place to buy squishies, you should visit our Our shipping to Europe is less than 5 € and we are offering reasonable prices for high-quality squishies and other Japanese goods. We appreciate returning customers and every third order gets a 5% off discount on all of our products! We add new items almost every week, so the variety of products on is getting richer and richer!

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-MeLoveKawaii Team

Image of kawaii squishies


Kawaii shop Deutschland

Milk Bunny Squishies-review


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Have you seen these awesome Milk Bunny squishies? Well. if you haven’t-here is a special review for you!



The Bunnies come in two different colors- pink and brown! They have black bows and super kawaii face expressions. The squishies come with a black cell phone strap and will make an awesome cell phone accessory! They are medium soft ( not super squishy ).

You can customize your squishy by decorating your bunny’s costume with 3D paints, stickers, glitter etc.

Collect both Milk Bunny Squishies on– for only $1.99 each!

More reviews coming soon!

What Material are Squishies Made of?


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Squishies are awesome, right? We all love collecting them, playing with and squishying them. Their scent makes that experience even better. However, the more curious of you might perhaps be wondering what are squishies made out of.

Hello Kitty donut squishies

Most squishies, and that includes 99% of them, are made out of PU, which stands for Polyurethane. It was invented by a German – Otto Bayer – in 1937 and has become really popular since then. Its early use was limited to the production of airplanes during World War II! Yes, it was the best material to make aircraft coating!

A few years later, Polyurethane was the preferred material for an all plastic car, made in 1969 in Germany.

Enough with the boring history, let’s talk about something a bit more interesting. Since polyurethane is not a natural element / material, is it safe?

Yes, polyurethane is perfectly safe and you shouldn’t worry if you are going to get hurt when playing with your squishies.

However, squishies aren’t very durable, especially if you aren’t storing them right. They might begin losing their scent and color if kept under direct sunlight. The reason for that is the material they are made out of – Polyurethane. It interacts with light and when exposed to sunlight it discolors and turns yellow. This also affects its physical properties – squishies might start falling apart if they aren’t protected from direct sunlight.

We hope this little write-up has been interesting and useful to you. Keep your squishies far from direct sunlight and they will last forever!

Why Are Squishies so Popular?


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Have you ever heard of squishies? Honestly, I’ll be surprised if you haven’t. In the last 5-6 years, squishies have quickly moved from being a niche product that only hardcore Japanese culture fans knew about, to a trendy product bought by the masses.

Squishies as they are called are a special kind of squeeze toys. They, however, aren’t as dull as the average Western squeeze ball you probably have in your living room. Squishies have different faces and are kawaii – the Japanese word for cute. Some squishy toys even resemble food and the imitation is pretty believable.

The most popular squishies are produced by 3 companies – SAN-X, Sanrio, RE-MENT and Breadou.

SAN-X and Sanrio squishies come in many different sizes and shapes. However, these companies own some of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world – Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and a few dozen other cute “animals”. Kawaii fans love these squishy toys and collect them. You can see what a Rilakkuma squishy looks like on the picture below.

Rilakkuma Squishy

On the other hand, RE-MENT and Breadou make different squishy charms. Breadou squishies are really unique – they all look like some sort of bread, regardless if the toy is shaped like a turtle or something else. Breadous are also famous and sought after because of their scent like a freshly baked bread loaf. All these quailities make them boutique and expensive squishies.

RE-MENT squishies come in many different models. Some of them are Hello Kitty or other popular character charms, other look like traditional Japanese dolls. RE-MENTS are expensive and popular too.

Regardless if you are a kawaii fan or you’ve just heard why squishies are so popular, you will surely want to start your own squishy collection. You can get your very own squishies on MeLoveKawaii – the online store for squishies, stationery and plushies.

Winnie-the-Pooh – One of the most popular kawaii characters


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Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the most popular fictional characters in the world. So no surprise it’s also a famous kawaii character that is often put on Japanese squishies, stationery, etc.

The first time Winnie-the-Pooh appeared anywhere was A.A.Milne’s book Winnie-the-Pooh, which was published in 1926. It was a definite success, success which led to another book in 1928– The House at Pooh Corner. During these first few years, Milne also published a few poems about the kawaii bear in other children’s books.

Picture of Disney characters

A.A.Milne named his popular character after a toy his son had. You might be surprised when you hear it, but Milne’s son was Christopher Robin Milne. Does that sound familiar? Yes, he is the basis for the Christopher Robin character in most of the author’s books. Christopher’s father also lent the names of his son’s other toys, the only exception being Owl, Rabbit, and Gopher.

The setting for the Pooh stories is the same in each book – Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England. The forest is located around 30 miles south of London. Milne actually bought a small house a mile away from this forest. Years later, Christopher explained that his whole family (father, mother, child, and nanny) used to travel with a large, blue Fiat to the countryside and spend a month or two in their beautiful house. Milne was so inspired by the pureness of the surrounding forest, that he often went on little “expeditions”, making attempts to “count all the trees” or “to search for something”. This led to 2 books being finished in just 3 years.

There are numerous Pooh toys, videos, plushies, and all kinds of merchandise. They are immensely popular and that’s why there are many Pooh squishies. Here are a few you can purchase on:

Mickey Mouse


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Mickey Mouse, the most famous cartoon character all over the world, was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and the company Walt Disney Studios. Mickey is a black mouse who usually wears white gloves, big yellow shoes and red shorts.

Mickey Mouse debuted officially as a character in November 1928 in one of the first cartoons with sound, Steamboat Willie. Later on he appeared in more than 130 cartoons including “Fantasia”(1940) and “The Band Concert”(1935). Mickey’s original voice was Walt Disney himself. He was given an Academy Award for the creation of Mickey Mouse.


Since 1930 Mickey has been appearing in different comic books, TV shows (“The Mickey Mouse Club”) etc.

Mickey Mouse also entered the Encyclopedia Britanica in 1934. He is the official mascot of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.


Mickey is also a beloved toy, which every kid and grown-up should have! Plush toys, key chains, notebooks and a great variety of other Mickey products are available at the market nowadays! Mickey has also become a kawaii character and one can see a lot of kawaii Mickey Mouse toys, including collectibles, re-ments, squishies and many more! Mickey Mouse jewelry is also a nice accessory for kawaii lovers!

Image of Mickey Mouse Toys

And do you love Mickey Mouse? J Let us know in the comments down below! 🙂

Try out the new Jumbo Mickey Mouse Squishy on! It has an amazing scent and is super soft and squishy!

Image of Jumbo Mickey Mouse Squishy

Nyan Cat


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Nyan Cat is an Internet Meme and also the name of one of the most viewed videos on YouTube for 2011. The cat’s GIF Animation was created by Christopher Torres of Texas. The video reached nearly 90.000.000 million views by January 2013.

The animation itself represents a flying cat with a Pop-Tart body. While flying the cat leaves a rainbow trail behind!

The cat was so lovely and cute that it soon became also a symbol for “kawaii” ( cute ). It has also merged as a Japanese pop song. Different Nyan Cat interesting jewelry, t-shirts and even toys have been made over the past two years. Here are some pictures of the Nyan Cat Art, created by different people:




And do you like Nyan Cat? :p



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Hello – it’s time for yet another article about a popular kawaii character. This week we have chosen to write about Hamtaro – a super cute kawaii hamster from Japan!

Tottoko Hamutaro or Trotting Hamtaro is a manga and storybook character created by Risuko Kawai. Yes, his last name is Kawaii!

The little hamster love adventures. He is owned by a 10 year-old Japanese girl – Laura Haruna or Roko-chan. Hamtaro goes out every day – he makes new friends and plays with them. Eventually, Hamtaro meets a clan of hamsters – The Ham-Hams. They start going out regularly and lead a life full of adventures and fun.

Picture of Hamtaro hamster

Taisho is the Boss in the show. He has built a special club where The Ham-Hams meet.

Hamtaro is a popular character. The anime adaptation ran for 6 years and was aired on TV Tokyo. There were also four movies, a couple video games and a ton of merchandise! Of course, this kawaii character also became popular abroad – a number of companies were given licenses to produce and sell Hamtaro themed products. In the USA Hamtaro ran for two seasons and 3 video games were created.